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Heb 7:4 Now consider how great this man was, to whom even the patriarch Abraham gave a tenth of the spoils.
Proverbs 28:23 - He who rebukes a man, will find "more favor" afterward, Than he who flatters with the tongue (NKJV)

Notice: Favor can grow/increase! If you do something correctly, then afterwards more favor can come! In other words "Doing what's right, multiplies favor".
John 18:28-38
Now Pilate is now with the Roman government.

In all Jesus had 3 religious trials and 3 civil trials, 6 trials in all.

Pilate is a very interesting character. He ruled as governor from 26 to 36 A.D. If you want to understand why Pilate is having such a struggle because he will admit to the crowd that there's nothing wrong with Jesus. He didn't commit any crime. "I find no fault with this man."

How Pilate took office is very interesting.
Lord Heal my wounds so I can Grow..

Many of Gods people have joined the Body of Christ and because many leaders are so ill trained and even carnally minded: People have tried to forget "what lies behind" and not been trained and taught to allow God to deal with what lies behind. The childhood bruises that we not only acquired outwardly but in the inner man as well.

The Resurrection of the Dead has to do with eternity. In order to understand it, we have to understand what the spiritual definitions of "Death" and "Eternity" are.
Matt 25:1-13 - Read This Parable of the 10 Virgins is only found here. This is speaking about being ready.
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