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How to recognize the enemy foundation

War is characterized by intentional violence on the part of large bodies of individuals who are expressly organized to participate in such violence.

A simple definition of war is: an act of force intended to compel our opponent to fulfill our will.

Satan is constantly using the forces of evil to compel you to fulfill his will.

·      One important general frequently expressed his personal wish that he could fight the highest enemy leader and the victor of the personal fight would settle the war.

·      This has already been done in the spiritual realm by our Commander. Through His death and resurrection, Jesus conquered the power of the enemy. The final outcome of the war is already revealed in God's Word.

·      But the rebel forces of resistance are still in the land. Jesus conquered the leadership, but to us is given the task of overcoming these pockets of resistance.

The early Church viewed their spiritual experience in terms of warfare.

·      Protection is described as the "armor of God."

·      The Word of God is compared to a "sword."

·      Satan's attacks are fiery darts and faith is the "good fight."

·      Believers are told to "war a good warfare."

God uses natural principles to explain what is happening in the spirit world.

When a nation is at war, the life-style of that nation is affected. Residents are alert to invasion and extra guards are posted at national borders.

You must understand: We are at war! We should adopt a wartime life-style in the spirit world.

The main objective of warfare is victory over the enemy.

A soldier must receive basic training on how to achieve these objectives.

Training includes: 1. learning about the enemy,2. his tactics,

3. how to use the                                                                                                                    weapons of warfare, 4. and the battle plan.

Some components of the battle and training include:

 Propaganda- Enemy nations always spread false propaganda (or information)

Diplomatic Proposals- Strategies of nations at war are to weaken the enemy by diplomatic proposals. These are suggested compromise. Satan uses compromise with sins.

Intelligence- When nations are at war, there is always an intricate organization of intelligence. Each side has intelligence forces dedicated to gathering information about the other. The intelligence forces collect and analyze all available information on the enemy. They communicate what they have learned to the soldiers engaged in combat.

There are also:

·      Offensive and Defensive Warfare, 

·      Weapons, 

·      Surprise Attacks, 

·      Decisive Battles,

·      Communications within the ranks with the Commander, 

·      Targets,

·      Attacks

·      and Counterattacks

There are:

Frontal attacks - where you are hit head on.

A siege or blockade - A siege or blockade is when the enemy takes control of territory not belonging to him. Spiritual bondage is similar to a siege or blockade in the natural world. The enemy breaks through your spiritual walls and part of your life is brought under his control.   

Invasion and Occupy - This is similar to demonic possession in the spirit world. The unsaved or backslidden person is under the control of an evil spirit which has entered to possess them.

There so much more and so many places we could stop and spend some time so you can get a deep revelation of the war we are in and enemy tactics..

But we are in a time process with constraints so I must move on?..

One thing about warfare that seems to evade the church world today is the fact that we as the body of Christ are the Soldiers in this warfare. Yes we have individual overcoming and transformation to brave.

But we are in this together we are His Body!

 The more we become organic in our life together, the more we will be able and willing to see Jesus through other people.



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Wake up church

Our enemy is very real. Let's stop focusing on our individual battles and take it rightful place in the body of Christ as real warriors. Stop the enemy! Take your position against this defeated foe.

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